Thursday, 18 February 2016

A day in my life with diabetes - a good day!

Saturday 10th January
The alam went off at 8:28am, I feel well rested but still want another snooze. My husbands alarm went off at 8:30am and I was afraid that I would actually fall back to sleep so I rolled out of bed. I use the term rolled because that is actually what I do.

Into the shower. Out of the showe, dry off, get dressed.

I went downstairs, said good morning to my already fed and dressed daughter on the laptop. I filled the kettle to make tea. Tea is made and I pop two slices of Brennan's wholemeal slice pan into the toaster.

While waiting for the toast I did my first blood glucose test of the day. 7.3mmol/l, what a nice way to start the day. I give myself 3 units of insulin to cover the toast and 3 mugs of tea with skimmed milk.

After breakfast, it's time to drop the family of to Coder Dojo and for me to get the weeks grocery shopping done.

What seemed like a short time later I felt my insulin pump vibrate to remind me that it's been 2 hours since I took my breakfast bolus and that its time to check my blood sugars again. I felt fine and so I waited until I got to the car to do this. 4.4 mmol/l, a bit on the low side because there is still active insulin in my body so I ate half a Nature Valley granola bar to keep my levels up until lunch.

Then it was time to collect the family from Coder Dojo and go home. After all the groceries have
been put away and both children have been fed, it was time for my own lunch. I decided to have a two egg omelette with smoked salmon and cheese, one slice of Brennan's wholemeal slice pan again and two perfectly ripe kiwis. I worked out that this all amounts to 35grams of carbohydrate. While my omelette was cooking I tested my blood glucose and it was 5.2 mmols/l (I'm having such a good day). It feels so nice to have good numbers, warm fuzzies. I took 2.65 units of insulin to cover my lunch.

I enjoyed my lunch! Now I have cleaned up the kitchen a little after lunch, swept the floor of all the crumbs, transferred some laundry, put some other laundry away and emptied the dishwasher. I sat down to sort through some household budgeting. I shouldn't have done that-no, not for the obvious reason. I suddenly realised I'm so tired and it's not surprising because it was the end of the week where the children went back to school after the two week Christmas holidays but my body forgot how to fall asleep before 11:30pm.

I decided that all major household tasks were done for the day and I was going to have about three cups of coffee, read the newspaper and some internet articles. My insulin pump had perfect timing; it vibrated to remind me to test again before I made it to the comfy chair. My blood glucose test revealed 6.0 mmols/l. You should have seen my happy face!

Roll on the coffee and two small McVities chocolate biscuits. I know I should have them but they're left over from Christmas, someone needs to eat them and I'm too tired to resist. So I've estimated that they work out to be 15 grams and I bolus 1.15 units of insulin. I wonder to myself if the biscuits are more like 20 grams but I decide that the next blood glucose test will reveal it.

Dinner at 7pm and my blood glucose is 7.8 mmols/l, it's sooooo nice to the things right for a change. Enjoyed my dinner of ///////// and of course dessert after cleaning up.

The two hour post meal check revealed a 5.8 mmols - this is a normal reading for someone without diabetes but for me it's a bit too low for an after meal and with active insulin still in my body I give it a snack to work on. What can I have for a snack? Ohh I haven't had a packet of crisps in months, double ohhh Salt and vinegar. Sold! So 14 grams of carbs and a lot of fat later my blood glucose dream comes back to reality with a 11.2 mmols result.

I tempted the good vibes too often today.

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